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World Environment Day – Adding Goodness to the Environment

Written by Choithrams

Today is World Environment Day and once again we have the opportunity to remember that wherever we live, planet Earth is our home. & we need to protect it.

We are doing every bit to help save the environment by bringing about a considerable difference in the way we function. In the past 2 years, Choithrams has significantly made a difference by introducing various initiatives to effectively conserve water, reduce energy consumption & recycle waste.

Take a look at our contributions:


We hope that by sharing these initiatives, we can encourage other enterprises on their sustainability journey which in turn will strengthen our own resolve to continue to innovate and progress with our Planet 7 Sustainability Plan.

Happy World Environment Day! 🙂

Got a green tip? Share it with us & stand a chance to win a goodness foods gift hamper!

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Choithrams is a large chain of supermarkets known for its unbeatable high standard of quality and service. Choithrams has become a name synonymous with excellence in UAE today.


  • i start my environment friendly tip at home with my tiny garden by my balcony – i have a little compost bin there where i minced up my vegetables and fruits peeling, mix in with soil. This will in turn i will use inplanting my little veggie garden of tomatoes, onions and potatoes for my everyday use! its a cycle of life – lets be a part of it!

  • Use rainwater for your indoor plants – they love it, and you’ll save water at the same time.
    Don’t keep the water running while brushing your teeth. You will save as much as 11 litres every time!
    Green your office: print double-sided, turn off monitors, start an office recycling program.
    Host a World Environment Day celebration. Clean up your neighbourhood. And don’t forget to register your activity on unep.org/wed
    Mobilise your friends to celebrate World Environment Day! Use Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, SMS, text, email – it doesn’t matter how, just get the word out!
    Plant a tree this year! This is the International Year of Forests so why not celebrate by planting a tree with friends or family.

  • Don`t dispose-off pesticides, fertilizers, oil paints, cleaners and toxic household products down the sewer.

    -Use ChloroFluoroCarbon free products as CFC razes the ozone layer which shields us from sun’s damaging UV rays.

    -Use solar energy for running small electrical devices.

    -Buy recycle items. Utilise reusable containers for storing foods instead of foils or plastic wraps.

    -Realise the threats to ocean life. Sanitise the shore as oceans supply earth with oxygen, moisture and weather patterns.

    -Don`t release helium balloons in the air as this can choke sea turtles, whales after ingestion and can disrupt other marine creatures` habitation in the sea.#Worldenviromentday #Choithram

  • Try to use public transport or car pools to reduce fuel consumption and to save earth from CO emission. It will also reduce air pollution. It is very good for us also. Because we will have some physical exercise like walking while going for public transport. It will help to reduce traffic and will help everyone to reach early home.

  • instead of buying processed food, bring your own bags and containers and buy from the bulk and produce sections of the grocery store. Minimize or eliminate other types of purchases that generate waste.Avoid creating trash wherever possible: when ordering food, avoid receiving any unnecessary plastic utensils, straws, etc. (ask in advance), buy ice cream in a cone instead of a cup, don’t accept “free” promotional products, buy products with the least amount of packaging, etc. Every little bit of trash avoided does make a difference!#WorldEnvironmentDay

  • Make intiation by schools and parents to plant trees by children. i think in schools a period should be alloted for making the children understanding the importance of nature not theoratically, but practically making them seedling, planting, watering, plucking the fruits etc. Make them undertand about the importance of organic products and present them gifts for doing their best. In schools we use to present marks for subjects, in the same way allot marks for their experiments in natural planting and give them more chance to mess up with mud, sand, buds, stems , roots , flowers…… Let them enjoy their life with nature and be the warriors to save the evironment for the coming generations.

  • #GreenChoitrams #WorLdEnvironmentDay
    On WorLd Environment Day 2016, in the interest of sustainabLe deveLopment, Let us protect the environment by pLanting trees???? and conserving forests ???and wiLdLife ????.
    Stay Green.?
    Go Green.?
    Live Green.?
    My Green Tip ???

  • I take small steps to protect the environment. 1)Take print out on both sides of the paper if it is not required otherwise
    2. Switch off lights of your room or around your seat if you go out for lunch
    3. Find all papers that were used on one side and make it a rough note-book
    4. Write a message on environment and put it on your desk top to inspire myself and everyone to care for planet earth.

  • 1} Plant more trees is the best method to ensure you have a pollution free environment .Develope a kitchen or terrace garden. Plants give out Oxygen and absorb Carbon-di-oxide. 2} Solar is a renewable source of energy and is also environment friendly.Install solar panel. 3} Turn off lights when you leave the room.Open your curtains and enjoy natural light. 4} Dont leave the tap on while brushing.You will waste lot of water. 5} Stop using disposible bags.

  • Use the water used to wash vegetables to water the plants.
    Reuse plastic bags whenever possible. And try carrying ur own eco friendly bags for groceries.
    Avoid wastage of food. Serve second helpings.

  • Create Your Own ORGANIC Garden

    Organic Garden is one of the main ways in which we can get our share from the Earth as well as preserve it for future generations. not only it is safe, but also doesn’t harm the soil, the habitant or the environment.
    Organic Gardening is the use of natural compost and manure to fertilize and grow plants and animals. No Harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in this method. Just by using kitchen and garden waste we can make compost.
    Moreover, its healthier option.
    Care for your health…. Save the EARTH

  • Saving the ENVIRONMENT involves short term and long term measures.The following can be done in this regards:

    Clean AIR
    1. Painting your house? Use a latex paint. Oil-based paints release hydrocarbon fumes.
    2. Properly maintained vehicles get better gas mileage and emit fewer pollutants.
    3. Don’t burn your yard waste. It’s illegal in many areas of Ohio because burning yard waste releases mold spores, soot, and other contaminants that can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory problems.
    4. Plant a tree. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.
    5. Use Public transport

    Clean WATER
    1. Never pour anything – especially waste oil or leftover lawn chemicals – into a storm drain. It will end up in the nearest stream.
    2. Don’t trash our streams. Volunteer groups sponsoring annual cleanups find everything from old tires to old appliances in our waterways.
    3. Use a bucket when you wash the car, instead of the hose. Letting the water run while you work costs money and wastes water. Only use the hose to rinse.
    4. Wash a full load of laundry. Your washing machine uses 40 gallons of water. Run it full, or adjust the water level to the size of your load.
    5. Repair leaky faucets and toilets. You can tell if the toilet leaks by putting food coloring in the tank. If color shows up in the bowl without flushing, there’s a leak.

    Clean LAND
    1. Recycle. If your community does not offer a recycling program, ask local officials to start.
    2. Don’t put hazardous materials in the trash. Save paints, pesticides, chemicals, car batteries, waste oil & similar materials for your local household hazardous waste collection day
    3. Don’t buy more than you need. When it comes to lawn chemicals, pesticides, paints and other hazardous materials, buy a smaller package so you won’t have leftovers to dispose of.
    4. Take a canvas bag to the grocery and re-use it each time you shop. Avoid plastic.
    5. Use both sides of the paper. Set your copier to make double-sided copies and you’ll substantially reduce your paper use.
    6. Use rechargeable batteries. Many batteries contain metals that are better kept out of landfills.
    7. Give it away, don’t throw it away. Many charitable organizations accept donations of wearable clothing and gently used household items.

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