Recipe of Tolerance

Seeking inspiration from the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who declared 2019 as the ‘Year of Tolerance’, we have announced our campaign Recipes of Tolerance – an exclusive initiative for Ramadan, which aims to highlight the values of tolerance, coexistence and peace through tasty food. Recipes of Tolerance is just one of a number of major activities to be carried out during the Holy month of giving by the supermarket chain. This year marks the fourth year Choithrams has announced its Ramadan charitable initiative in partnership with Dubai Cares. With food in mind, we have created seven gourmet recipes for all to try. The delicious aromatic dishes are based on Emirati ingredients accentuated with handpicked delicacies from across the globe. The final outcome is a symphony of flavour that reflects the essence of “togetherness” that underlies Choithrams’ ideology to spread love through food. The recipes will be made available for sampling and purchase through our extensive network of stores across the UAE. Popular brands such as Rainbow, Kimball, Quaker, Taj Mahal, Heartlight, Mothers Recipe, Capilano, Nestle & Maggi have joined hands with us to support this campaign, which in turn will benefit the important, noble and life changing work carried out by Dubai Cares.

Chicken Machboos : A tasty Emirati biryani made with Indian basmati rice and a whole medley of Indian spices and fragrant Spanish saffron.

Spicy Beef Salona : An Emirati beef stew combining a wide range of vegetables from countries including Australia and Holland, perfumed with locally-made aromatic dried lemon.

Balaleet : This Emirati breakfast dish is made with vermicelli, Spanish saffron, dried fruits and nuts from around the world. It has a mellow, buttery taste and resembles a French-style omelette.

Fereni : This traditional Emirati rice pudding has a slight touch of Madagascar vanilla and rose essence and is made with milk from the Netherlands. It can be served with fresh European berries or their compotes.

Legamaat : Fancy a local doughnut? Try this Emirati version with date syrup from hand-picked Saudi dates and Australian honey.

Join us to spread the goodness together.

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