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Choithrams is a large chain of supermarkets known for its unbeatable high standard of quality and service. Choithrams has become a name synonymous with excellence in UAE today.


  • We decided to adopt a cat and found our Fluffy ?. When we went to meet him my first reaction was OMG he is so BIG! He should be called Simba,he looks like a little (5.5kg ?) lion,he is very fluffy and has these massive paws… we came to pick him up the same evening and he straight away went to bed with hubby. That was 2 years ago!

  • I have got three pets at home but closest to my heart is my Jacky White little dog had grown up now. I MET him outiside shop Brands for less sharjah. He saw me n started barking as if he was calling his mother n wanted me to hug him. I brought him home n kept him for 5 days gave n ad in newspaper n soon i met his owner n had to return him. After a week i got a call from da owner n asked me to take Jacky as he got unwell after leaving You so please take ur son back. I ran to owner’s house and brought him back to my home. Since then jacky is living happily with my and his new family.

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