Halloween – Spooktacular Food Ideas!

As the spooky & exciting festival of Halloween arrives across UAE, We have 10 awesome Halloween food ideas to make your Halloween festivities a success!

Spider Eggs

Even though this looks eerie, it is the easiest dish for your Halloween Party! Just cut some hard-boiled eggs into half, slip out the yolks & mash it with mayonnaise, salt & pepper! Cut a whole Olive into half & slices to make the creepy looking spider!


Evil Bell Peppers

Make some evil bell peppers for your Halloween party! Chop off the head of the capsicum & just let the knife work its way across the front! When done, just fill in some veggies & you’re good to go!


Tombstone Sandwiches

Well, this chilling sandwich just needs a pack of bread, some tomato sauce & few knife cuts at the right places!


Banana Ghosts

This spooky banana is the easiest of the lot! You will just need some well-cut Bananas & Chocolate sauce & to make them look ghostly!


Witch finger Bread sticks

Garlic breadsticks are delicious! Let’s make it look like a witch’s finger by just adding a few pieces of well cut Red Bell Peppers on it!


Spider Soup

A spider soup is quite a treat to make your Halloween party a success. All you need is a piping bag with a round piping tip, some sour cream & some artistic skills to make the web!


Mummy Sausages

This is a deliciously scary one! Fry some sausages, boil some spaghetti, wrap it around the sausages & just add a few Broccoli florets in between the spaghetti to make it look like eyes staring back at you!


Monster Mouth

These malicious looking apple teeth can easily be whipped up to startle someone! All you need to do is cut a slice from the middle of a green apple, spread some peanut butter & add some white chocolate candies to make it look like teeth!


Spaghetti Spiders

This is a really creative & easy idea to make some yummy sausage spiders! Just cut the sausages & poke some spaghetti sticks through them before boiling.


Mummy Sandwiches

This is way tastier than how creepy it looks! Just squirt some tomato sauce on a slice of bread, cut cheese slices, place them adjacently & add 2 sliced olives on top to make it look like eyes!


Share these recipes with your friends too & have a great Halloween!

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