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Back to School: Healthy Eating for Kids

Written by Choithrams

Having trouble packing lunch for your little one? Read on for some tips to get kids on track for a healthy start to the school year!

Increase your little one’s water intake
Make sure they stay well hydrated during the harsh summer. Buy your children a cool water bottle to take whenever they go out and give them water with their meals. Limit readymade juices and other carbonated drinks to certain occasions.



5 – A- day
Different colours have different health effects, hence it is important to include different color of fruits and veggies in your little one’s diet.


Make it fun by getting them to make a list of their favourite fruits & vegetables and let them choose which ones they want to eat at each meal throughout the day, also make sure they chose different colors. This way, they will definitely eat healthy!

Never let them skip breakfast
Most children eat breakfast because it’s a part of the family routine.
Even if it’s just a banana and a glass of milk, teach your children that some food in their stomach kick starts the body for the day giving them energy for work, study and play.
Also, reduce the amount of sugar sweetened drinks and salt in your child’s diet.


Here are a few healthy recipes for your little one’s school lunch box!


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  • Kids special pasta Salad is my and my kids favourite too and tried this recipe today….It turned out awesome and definitely my kiddos gonna love it as Normally they always hesitate to eat veggies but this special saucy salad enriched with all veggies never made them say “No” ….so Really i would be very glad and happy with Choithrams for bringing out this unique recipe for my kids

  • I love Chicken Pan Pizza, who does not love pizza anyway? I think everybody right. This recipe make me realize as mom that Pizza making is easy, i can put veggies to make it healthy for my kids too and its ingredients are affordable too…thank you for this recipe.

  • I liked Hummus boats. Its look colorful & playful in presentation, healthy food ingredients, very quick and easy in preparation. Yum Yum!! I am sure my kid will love it. Thank you for the recipe..

  • I love baking that’s why I am loving the Bran Muffins with Blueberries ? It’s great for kids because it has the goodness of blueberries aside from the fact that it is a grab-to-go breakfast and very easy to pack in the lunchbox ??

  • Hummus Boat – such a great idea for lazy weekends’ meal. Hummus is a must snack in our house (full of protein & I would say one of the healthies snack) and I adore this ideat with boat. kids liked it and will be tasted this weekend. Thanks for such a inovative recepie ❤️❤️❤️

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